Snow plane-the ideal instrument for the peparation of small pistes,                           walking paths and loipes
The   great   advantage   of   this   device   is   that   it   is   easy   to   handle   and   can   be   adjusted   to   all sorts   of   snow   and   conditions.   It   is   equally   suitable   for   the   preparation   of   new   snow   and much freqented pistes and paths. There is no problem with   wet snow. We   want   to   underline   that   the   installation   is   a   matter   of      a   few   simple   steps      and   can   be operated   by   one   person   without   any   additional   help.   The      delivery   includes   a   transport-   ve - hicule which again is easy to manage and to store. The   weight   is   very   little   (20-70   kg)      depending   on   the   design   and   does   not   influence   the     driving   in   a   negative   way.   So   is   possible   to   manage   the   work   with   loads   of   new   snow   and steep slopes. For   the      reverse   the   differents   parts   of   the   instrument   can   be      put   together.   This   is   done   ac - cording   to   the   design   automaticaly   or   manually.   The   „plane“   can   be   ordered   with   alterati - ons   in   measurements   (   For   exemple   some   segments   from   20-80   cm.)   It   is   also   posible      for the   ajustment   of   length   and   width.      We   want   to   make   it   quite   clear   that   the   production   is based on only top-class materials and solid craftmanship.     To   sume   it   up:   no   more   hard   and   time   –   consuming   work,   trouble   and   sweat.   Pick   the „snow plane“ and do it the comfortable way. This  machine will not disappoint you!
© 2017 Copyright by Torsten Langner